Yoga with Danielle Arin

Yoga with Danielle

At seventy, Danielle Arin continues to move around the world circuit with the same ease, efficiency and humour that has characterized her success in the British Isles and abroad for over 30 years.
French born, she has lived in England for nearly forty years. It is there that she qualified as a yoga teacher with the Iyengar Association, the British Wheel of Yoga and the International Yoga Teachers' Association. Besides attending many courses in Poone over the years with BKS Iyengar, she has been studying with Angela Farmer for thirty years. Angela has been a major but quiet influence on her life and her yoga.
She writes for various international yoga publications, including Yoga Online, and appeared on the front cover of" Yoga & Health" Magazine of November 2004.
Danielle's yoga is extraordinary. It is classical and it makes one fit, alert and balanced. The postures are explored with such depth and imagination that in a typical group of widely different physical types, there may be as many variations of each asana as there are abilities amongst the students. Belts, blocks, walls and furniture are used to ensure that everyone can genuinely get in touch with their bodies without fear or pain. She teaches with an unquestioned enthusiasm and with a relaxed but precise approach.
She is reckoned to be an unusual teacher who can inspire her students to move from the strength of the outer body into the stillness of the inner self.
On the personal level, she has been described as strong willed, extrovert, dynamic, independent, outspoken, and... very kind and compassionate. Certainly some of this can be put down to Frenchness! Yet, she talks very calmly and openly of what yoga means to her: a light that illuminates her own world; a spark of divinity; an unfailing source of energy. Her students comment that she is always willing to reveal herself and learn with them.
Even though she sometimes stumbles over her own ego in her practice, the difficulties and limitations she uncounters makes her realizes how small she is and how much she needs to be compassionate to herself. This is why she is not interested in diminishing other people's ego..
What about the future? - To learn to be kinder to her body, to listen to the voice of her soul, to understand others better, to enjoy the wisdom of aging...

Workshops and retreats schedule for 2009

"YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL" in Marlow, Bucks. Five consecutive mornings of in-depth yoga with Danielle. Contact Danielle Arin, Yew Tree Cottage, Spinfield Lane West, Marlow SL7 2DB. Tel/Fax: 0033 (0)1628 486698. E-mail: - £95 20-24 July
Two seven-days' yoga holidays. The courses take place in an elegant venue set in the midst of acres of fruit trees overlooking the distant coastline. Purpose built centre providing ample yoga equipment. Three swimming pools. Air-conditioning and bathrooms en-suite. Two classes of yoga daily conducted by a very experienced and sensitive teacher, allowing time to further one's practice in a relaxed atmosphere. Excellent self-catering facilities; restaurants, sandy beaches and various acitvities near by. Contact: Danielle Arin as above. £485 for tuition, accommodation and Saturday evening welcoming meal on arrival.

3 - 10 October
"In-depth Yoga, Breathing & Meditation". A residential yoga week-end with Danielle at St Katherine's Parmoor, near Marlow/Henley. Contact Danielle Arin as above. £230 20-22 November
"Recuperative Yoga". A Sunday morning workshop at the Red Cross Hall, Marlow, Bucks with Danielle. Contact Danielle Arin as above. £20 6 December

Unless otherwise stated, for further details or to book any of the workshop or retreats above, contact Danielle Arin, Yew Tree cottage, Spinfield Lane West, Marlow, Bucks SL72DB, England, Tel/Fax (44) (0)1628 486698

Danielle also runs yoga classes for students of all levels in the Marlow area in Marlow, Bucks. 

Danielle is a regular contributor to a number of Yoga publications, including Yoga Online. See some of her articles below: